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How to choose the right screen for your projector

In fact, when choosing a “white screen” for a projector, you need to pay attention to certain details. They will allow you to enjoy a clear and high-quality picture while watching movies and TV shows. So what are these details?

  1. Screen aspect ratios and dimensions… It is required that the aspect ratio of the screen itself is identical to the aspect ratio of the projector. The most popular (and suitable for home use) standard is now 16: 9. You can also choose 16:10: it will play video with a resolution of 1920 × 1200 or 1280 × 800. In cinemas, by the way, the ratio is 2.39: 1.
  1. Design… There are stationary and mobile screens.

Stationary can be mounted on a frame or rolled into a roll. The first type is good because the picture is not distorted in this case. The second is the ability to quickly remove it or move it to another place. Of the minuses – picture distortions are possible due to insufficient tension.

Mobile screens often come with tripods. They can be rolled, inflatable, on a collapsible frame. Roll-up is convenient if you need to constantly move from one place to another and give presentations. The screens on the collapsible frame are firmly fixed, and the image is not distorted on them. Inflatable ones are usually used at various public events such as concerts, outdoor festivals, etc. True, they are not able to provide a high-quality picture.

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