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How to choose the right RAM module for your computer

  1. Timing… The smaller their values, the faster the memory works. And even if you buy a second RAM module, then it is better to choose exactly the same in terms of timings and frequency. True, as the author notes, in general, this is far from the most important parameter when choosing, so you should not focus on it.
  1. RAM connection modes… There is a multi-channel and a single-channel method. The more connection channels there are, the faster the RAM works. For the most part, the two-channel type is now used, when two memory strips of the same characteristics are inserted into slots of different colors: for example, the first and third, second and fourth.
  1. Cooling… The user believes that it is better to buy RAM with aluminum heatsinks.

As for the choice of the amount of memory, then in this case the author advises to decide on the purpose of your PC assembly. If you need a RAM module for a gaming computer, then you should take at least 16 GB, better even more. To work in professional programs, you need 8-16 GB. And if you are going to just surf the Internet and perform standard tasks using a computer, then choose a module with a volume of 4-8 GB.

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