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How to choose the right gaming monitor in 2021

As the author notes, most gamers, when assembling a gaming computer, focus on the video card, processor and other components, and the monitor is usually bought for the cheapest or which one has enough money. However, this is wrong, since the monitor will need to be watched constantly and its quality can affect both the results of your game and your health. Accordingly, it is better not to save on this component. And about the most important parameters for the device – below.

  1. Diagonal and screen resolution… The most optimal range would be 21-27 inches. The 24-inch monitor may even be the most comfortable. If we talk about resolution, then you need to look closely at models with at least Full HD (1920×1080). If you decide to purchase a monitor with a diagonal of more than 27 inches, then you need to take a device with a resolution of at least Quad HD (2560×1440). In addition, the author emphasizes, if you choose a monitor with a large diagonal and low resolution, the image quality will be poor.
  1. Matrix type… There are three main types: TN-matrices, IPS-matrices and MVA / VA-matrices. TN matrices should only be purchased by professional gamers (such models will provide a clear and smooth picture), and they will not be suitable for everyday use. As for IPS matrices, here you need to give preference to the AH-IPS modification (they have a response time of 5-6 ms, excellent color rendering, contrast, wide viewing angles). MVA / VA-matrices from the disadvantages have a long response time, so they should be abandoned if your goal is to build a gaming computer.
  1. Response time… This is a value that shows how long it takes for the monitor to change frames on the screen. The standard rate is 5ms, and the most advanced models offer 1-2ms.
  1. Backlight brightness and contrast… One of the best options in this case is 250-300 cd / m2. Monitors with higher brightness levels are not worth considering. As for the contrast, it is necessary to pay attention to the static contrast: its optimal value is 1: 1000.


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