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How to choose an external SSD

If you are going to buy an external SSD, then you need to keep in mind the main characteristics of such drives. It is on these parameters that you should rely on when choosing a suitable model.

  1. Form factor… The most common form factors are now 1.8 “and 2.5”. There are also drives in the form of USB flash drives, as well as non-standard form factors.

1.8-inch drives are compact, suitable for a tablet or laptop. At the same time, for regular use at home, it is better to take a closer look at a larger disc, since under significant load such devices get very hot for a long time.

2.5-inch drives are heavier and heavier than previous drives. They are suitable for regular use and do not heat up as much under continuous load as 1.8 “drives.

There are drives in the form of flash drives. They get hotter than all other options.

As for the non-standard SSD versions, they are mainly equipped with many additional functions. At the same time, they are expensive.

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