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How to Check RAM in Mac OS Laptop with Windows 11 and 10? go here


The RAM in your laptop stands for Random Access Memory. Think of a computer as a human for a moment. RAM And ROM There are short-term and long-term memory of a computer or laptop. RAM is where the computer stores the program it is currently working with so that the CPU can access it randomly. Most laptops support upgrading RAM, which may be needed if you want to upgrade your computer But facing slow motion problems. But if you are not a professional it is not recommended and will void your warranty. So, your laptop How to check RAM power? Here we talk about how to check RAM in your laptop for other operating systems and devices. Let’s know.

How to Check RAM on Windows 11 and Windows 10

First of all, you can quickly check the amount of RAM in your Windows 11 PC by going to Settings. Here’s how you do that:

1 – First of all open Settings on your Windows 11 PC.

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2 – Click on System, then click on the About section.

3 – Here, click on the Device Specifications section, and you will now be able to see the RAM in your Windows laptop.

check with command prompt option

You can use the System Information utility developed from the Command Prompt. (information utility) You can also check the RAM by opening it. Let us know how to do this:

1 – Open the Run command by typing Run on the Start menu.

2 – On the Run dialog box, msinfo32.exe Type and press OK, and it will show you these options:

1 – Installed Physical Memory (RAM)

2 – total physical memory

3 – available physical memory

4 – total virtual memory

5 – available virtual memory

How to Check RAM in Mac OS Laptop with Windows 11 and 10?


check with start menu search

This is the easiest way to check RAM in your Windows 11 PC. Just search for RAM in the Start Menu and open the first result, and you can see the RAM in your PC.

how to check ram in windows 7

check from control panel

You can check RAM in Windows 7 by going to Control Panel in Windows 7. Here’s how to do it:

1 – Open Control Panel on your Windows 7 PC.

2 – Click on System and security.

3 – In the next window, under System, select the amount of RAM and processor speed options. It will show the installed RAM along with other device specifications.

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check with command prompt

You can also run the Advanced System Information Utility in Command Prompt to check the RAM on your Windows 7 PC. how to do this. Let’s know.

1 – Search for Run in the Start menu and open it.

2 – On the Run dialog, type msinfo32.exe and click OK.

3 – This will open the advanced System Information utility and show RAM and other device information.


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