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How to check iphone 13 and iphone 14 is real or fake

Fake iPhone: The craze of iPhone is so tremendous that their fake models have now come in the market which look exactly like the original model, if you do not know then you cannot recognize them. 

Fake iPhone Identification:  With the increase in demand for iPhone 13 and iPhone 14, its fake models are also increasing rapidly in the market. People are pasted a fake model in the name of the original iPhone and they don’t even get a clue. Fake iPhones are available only between 10 thousand to 15 thousand rupees and in the name of real iPhone, they are caught by the customers. Due to the many similarities, it becomes very difficult to differentiate between them. To prevent this from happening to you, today we have come up with some easy tips, due to which you can differentiate between genuine and fake iPhone models.   

Have a look at the rear panel 

The original iPhone model which is given the rear panel is made of Glass and it can be easily identified by looking or touching it, in the same fake iPhone model it is made of plastic, so if you pay attention, you can catch it.

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It is necessary to check the display 

Usually the display of the iPhone is very bright and very smooth, but if an iPhone has been delivered at your home and these things are not visible with its display, then you should understand that the iPhone can be fake. The display of the fake iPhone model is useless and dull and it is very slow so that you can identify it.

checking the side profile

Many times there are many similarities in the design from front and back, in this case it can be difficult to detect fake and real iPhone, but if you check the edges, then here you can see some flaws in fake iPhone which are real iPhone. They are quite different from iPhone because it is difficult to make an exact copy of iPhone. By looking at the edges, you can easily find out whether the iPhone is fake or real.

check accessories

You don’t get much with the iPhone, but if you have its lightning cable, then you can check it to find out whether it is real or fake because the lightning cable of the fake iPhone is a bit thin, as well as its If the quality is also bad, then it can be detected.


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