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How to check and remove if someone else is using your Netflix account – News18 Hindi


You can easily remove unwanted users from your account.
For this you have to log out from all the devices.
After this you change your login ID and password.

New Delhi. If you have a subscription to Netflix, then it is quite possible that some of your friends or relatives may have asked you for their login and password. Forbidding your close ones for this also does not seem right many times and usually people give log-in credentials. So far everything is fine because you know with whom you have shared the log-in. However, many times it also happens that without your knowledge, the person gives the login ID and password to someone he knows.

This cycle continues like this. If you also feel that your Netflix account is being run by someone other than you and your knowledge about which you do not know anything, then by following some easy steps, it can be found out that who is the Netflix account- Who is using Along with this, you can also block the user who is using your account by theft.

how to find out
First of all, open the Netflix website on your computer.
Log in to your account by entering your log-in credentials.
After this choose one of the profiles given there.
After going to the profile, go to the menu given on the side.
Now choose the account option given below.
After that go to account settings.
Several options will appear here. Select Recent Device Streaming Activity.
After this you will know who is logging in to your account from where.

how to block
After log-in to your profile, go to Settings. Then click on Sign out of all devices. You will be signed out of all accounts. Now you can login to your account again and use it but the one who does not know the credentials will not be able to enter. If you still have doubts, you can change your log-in information.


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