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How To Change Your Language in Disney+ – How To Change Disney+ Language

If you also watch the content on Disney + and you must have ever thought that how can change its language (Disney + Language Setting). So it is very easy to do and you can do it in few seconds. So, in today’s article, we are going to tell you how you can change your language in Disney+. So let’s know below the complete process step-by-step.

How to Change Your Language in Disney+

In Disney+, you can change the language in different ways, which we have explained in details below. So let’s know step by step.

How to change the setting language for Disney+

step 1. If you want that the language of your Disney + app or site should be different, then for this you have to open Disney + and after that you have to go to the section of Profile above.

Step 2, After this you have to click on Edit Profiles here.

Step 3, Now you will see the pencil icon near the profile, click on it.

Step 4, By doing this all the languages ​​will drop down in front of you and after selecting the language you want to keep, click on the Save button.

How to Change the Language of Disney+ Shows or Movies

If you’re watching a movie or show on Disney+ and want to watch and listen to it in a different language, follow the process below.

step 1: Now first play a movie in Disney + and then pause.

Step 2: Now after this the screen option will appear in the right corner, go to it.

Step 3: Here you will be shown the languages ​​of the audio and subtitles in which the movie of your choice is available.

Step 4: Now select the language in which you want to watch and click on the X icon above.

In this way now the language of your show or movie will be changed and if you don’t want subtitles, then you can close by clicking Off button there.

Hope this article has been very helpful for you and you too have been able to change the language in Disney+. Let us tell you that Disney + and Disney + Hotstar are both different platforms.

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