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How to boost the speed of laptop or PC, follow these tips

In the era of technology, today there is a lot of trend of PC and laptop and if you are working somewhere then having a laptop is one of the most important things for you. However, what happens many times is that the speed of the laptop becomes very slow and it hangs again and again and runs slow. So today we have brought some such tips for you, with the help of which you can increase the speed of your laptop or PC. So let’s know about these tips in details.

Increase the speed of your laptop or PC with these simple tips

use a cleaner

There are some third-party system cleanup utilities available for Windows 10 that can speed up your computer. So you can clean the unnecessary garbage in your laptop by using any cleaner app. If you want, you can try CC Cleaner software.

uninstall crapware

It has been seen that when we buy a new computer or laptop, we get a lot of unnecessary software installed with it, which we do not use. It contains software like crapware, bloatware and PUP etc., which you can uninstall and clean your laptop or PC and increase its speed.

Close unnecessary startup programs

Whenever we turn on our laptop or PC, during this time many systems are automatically turned on with it, which keep running in the background, due to which our laptop runs slow. So if you want to increase the speed of your computer or laptop, then disable all those apps.

clean the disk

You should also keep cleaning the disk of your laptop or PC from time to time and delete any unnecessary files. If you want, you can save more photos or videos to an online cloud storage so that they are saved over the Internet instead of being saved on your laptop. When the storage is low, the speed will also be up.

increase ram

If you install more software or games in your laptop, then its RAM also ends and the speed of the laptop also starts decreasing gradually. Therefore, when the time comes, definitely increase the RAM in your PC, so that the speed of your laptop is up.

Install SSD Startup Drive

Installing and running applications like Adobe Photoshop is very rewarding with an SSD. An SSD also greatly benefits Windows at startup. So you can install SSD start up to increase the speed.

install antivirus

Apart from all this, you should install antivirus to check spyware and other viruses in your laptop because the speed of laptop is very low due to virus, so you can keep your laptop up to date with the help of antivirus. Huh.

In this way, if you are also troubled by the speed of your PC or laptop, then you can speed up by following these above-mentioned tips and if your friend is also facing the same problem, then definitely share this article with him.

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