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How to become Tehsildar? To become a Tehsildar, know the eligibility, preparation, salary, work and all the questions related to it.

Today every person wants to do a government job, in that Tehsildar is such a post which is the highest officer of your village and town. Because of this, today a large number of people are preparing for the post of Tehsildar. If you also want to become Tehsildar, then in today’s article we are going to give you information about how to become Tehsildar (Tehsildar kaise bane).

Let us tell you that in some villages and towns, the complete responsibility of the land and various government schemes rests on the shoulders of the Tehsildar. In a district some Tehsildars work under the DM. Tehsildar holds a senior post in some villages, to reach there you have to clear various types of exams, information about which is given in today’s article.

What’s in this post?


Who is Tehsildar?

Let us tell you that there are many states in India and there are many districts in all those states and all those districts are divided into some tehsils and to run those tehsils, an officer is elected to see his work, which is Tehsildar. It is said

Tehsildar is an officer of the Revenue Department. It contributes to the work related to the revenue related problem in the district of a state. That is, if there is any work related to land, that is, if a person needs information related to his land, then his information is given through Tehsildar. Apart from this, any land related registry information or any kind of dispute related to the farmers and their land is settled through Tehsildar.

Apart from this, Tehsildar is also required for various necessary documents. From this you can understand that Tehsildar is a senior officer, whose functions and other necessary information are listed below.

What is the work of Tehsildar?

If we talk about their functions, then their functions are of the following types.

  • Tehsildar’s job is to collect every information related to the land and keep the map in a safe form.
  • The Tehsildar’s work is related to the investigation and testing of rent-free land.
  • Registration related to birth and death is made by Tehsildar.
  • Tehsildar visits his area from time to time and solves the problems there.
  • The Tehsildar supervises the work of all Patwaris and Land Inspectors of the Tehsil.
  • Tehsildar can impose a fine of up to ₹200 as a punishment to a person guilty of land related as a judicial officer

Educational Qualification to become Tehsildar

As we told you Tehsildar is a very senior position to reach which one has to pass various types of exams. Explain that to become Tehsildar directly, you have to clear the state PCS exam. For which you must have some teaching qualification which is listed below –

  • To become a Tehsildar, you need to have a graduation degree in any stream or discipline.
  • After graduation, you have to clear the PCS exam of your state.

age limit to become tehsildar

Some age limit has been set to become Tehsildar, detailed information about which is given below –

  • The minimum age limit to become Tehsildar is 21 years.
  • The maximum age limit to become Tehsildar is 37 years.
  • OBC category people are given a relaxation of 3 years in the maximum age limit.
  • People belonging to ST/SC category are given a relaxation of 5 years in the maximum age limit.

How to become Tehsildar | Tehsildar kaise bane

To become Tehsildar, it is necessary to pay attention to some important things, which are shown in the following way.

  • First of all you have to pass class 12th from any stream.
  • To become a Tehsildar, at least you have to do graduation from any university and any stream.
  • There is no requirement of percentage to become Tehsildar. For this post, it is mandatory for you to pass in graduation only.
  • To become a Tehsildar, the exam is conducted by the Public Service Commission or PCS. So you have to qualify the exam which is conducted by the Public Service Commission of your state.
  • To become Tehsildar first you have to qualify prelims and then mains exam, and then you are selected through interview.

Note- The student who successfully passes the PCS exam is given the job of Tehsildar.

Benefits of becoming Tehsildar

  • First of all, those who occupy this position are given a lot of respect.
  • He is the most powerful officer in his tehsil.
  • Revenue records and data related to crops are maintained by
  • Land disputes are settled by them.
  • They have the list of all the revenue of the government.

tehsildar salary

Tehsildar is a very good job, the salary of this job is ₹ 40000 to ₹ 50000 per month. But this salary increases with time and can vary from state to state. Apart from this, let us tell you that in this salary, DA and HRA are mixed and it becomes very high.

Apart from this, Tehsildar is a very big post in which the facility of car bungalow servant is also given by the government.


Today in this article we have tried to explain to you in simple words that how to become tehsildar, Apart from this, we have also given you detailed information about the strength of Tehsildar and the process of becoming a Tehsildar. If after reading the information shared by us, you have now understood about the Tehsildar, then share it with your friends and also do not forget to tell your suggestions and thoughts in the comments.

Q: What is Tehsildar called in English?

Ans: Tehsildar is called Magistrate in English.

Q: How many types of Tehsildars are there?

Ans: Tehsildars are of 2 types (Tehsildar / Naib Tehsildar)?


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