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How to avoid conflicts in relationships during the New Year holidays: three tips from a psychologist

It is almost impossible to avoid stress in the pre-New Year’s bustle. This, however, can affect the relationship of couples. How to avoid conflicts – in the material.

In a relationship with a partner, research has shown that stress can negatively affect the immune, endocrine and cardiovascular systems. In addition, in people in conflict situations, a slower wound healing, higher blood pressure, significant changes in the pulse rate, as well as stronger inflammatory processes are noted.

And that’s not all: for example, middle-aged and older men, if their wives told them about the stress they were experiencing, sometimes increased blood pressure. And if a person felt misunderstood or abandoned by his partner, then as a result he had a lower level of well-being, and after 10 years the mortality rate in such subjects was higher.

So how do you reduce the impact of conflict and stress on relationships during the holidays?

  1. Talk to your partner… Tell the person that you understand how they are feeling. It’s also important to share your own feelings, and if your partner needs to talk it out, then don’t interrupt.

  2. Show your love… You can hug, take the hand. This will make the two of you feel happier.

  3. Remember that you are together… In other words, discuss all issues with your partner, make decisions, etc. You can also do something for a person if he is under stress.

Of course, it also happens that the actions described above are not enough. Couples therapy can then help. It will allow partners to learn how to communicate and effectively resolve conflicts.

News stories cannot be equated with a doctor’s prescription. Before making a decision, consult a specialist.

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