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How to add close people to Instagram’s ‘Close friends’ list, know every step

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  • Instagram Your stories are seen by all followers.
  • Normally you have to change the settings to hide the story.
  • With the Close friends feature, you can hide the story,

New Delhi. The story you share on Instagram is visible to all your followers, but there are times when you want to hide your story from someone. You do not want everyone to see that story. In this way you hide your story. For this, you hide the story by going to the settings, but do you know that you can hide your story even without going to the setting.

Actually, there is such a feature on Instagram, with the help of which only a few people will be able to see your story. Do you know about this feature? The name of this feature is Close friends, this feature was launched by Instagram in 2018, so let us tell you how this feature works and how you can add people you like in Close friends list with its help. Huh.

Only people of Close friends group will be able to see the story
Instagram launched the Close friends feature in the year 2018. With the help of this feature, you create a group of some people. After this, you can share any of your stories under the Close friends feature. So that only those people who you have added to your Close friends group will be able to see the story you have shared.

Instagram stories will remain personal
With the help of this feature, not only will your Instagram stories remain personal, but it also maintains your privacy. Adding your favorite people to the Close friends feature is quite easy. Let us tell you how you can add your favorite people in Close friend.

How to add people to Close friend
To add people to Close friend, you must first open the Instagram app on your Android or iOS device. Now you have to click on your profile shown in the bottom. After this, tap on the menu icon at the top and go to the menu, where you will find many options, in which you have to select the Close Friends option. Now you will see all your Instagram friends profile on the next screen. Here, add the friends you want to add to your Close Friends list and then click on Done.

Now your Close Friends List is ready. After the list is ready, whenever you share a story under Close Friends, then only people included in the Close Friends list will be able to see that content.

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