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How the virus reaches the smartphone, here’s how to avoid it


Staying safe in the digital world is a big and difficult task. Every day people are falling prey to online frauds, scams etc. Also, in this age of social media, we install many types of apps, due to which the virus enters our phone. And due to these viruses there are frauds or scams with us. So, today we will tell about this, how viruses enter our smartphone and how we can avoid them.

Such viruses reach our smartphones

Talking about entering the virus, the virus is not a disease that comes by touching. In technology, these viruses come with apps. When we install an app through Google Play Store or any other platform, virus can also enter our phone with it and then scam or fraud can happen with us. There are many things for this, with the help of which we can avoid the virus.

How to prevent virus from being installed on smartphone

Install the app only from Google Play Store

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Android users should install most of the mobile applications through the Google Play Store as quality apps can be found on the Play Store. There are also many other platforms where apps are available but there is a risk in it and reviews and ratings are also not given.

Before downloading the app, please see the review and rating on Google Play Store

Whenever you go to install an application on Google Play Store, first of all check the reviews and ratings of that app. If there is something wrong with the app, then it will definitely get reviewed by the users. Apart from this, you must also know some more information about that developer, only after that install that app. Because if you install the app without knowing and reading anything, then the chances of virus entering are very high.

Take care when granting permission

After downloading many mobile apps, many permissions are asked for opening them, so you have to be a little careful about it. For example, if you download an alarm app, it will not require permission to see the pictures on the smartphone. Similarly, the calculator app does not require network access at all.

Do not install the app from the APK link found on WhatsApp

Many of our friends on WhatsApp will send us the APK link and ask to download it, then it can be dangerous for you and your friend.

Do not connect phone to unknown computer

If you connect your smartphone to the computer of an unknown person, then this can be a problem for you because if the virus is already installed in that computer, then they can get into your phone as well.

Public WiFi can become a problem

Be it airtel or railway station, here you will get free WiFi connection but you have to avoid connecting because many hackers keep an eye on them and your device can be hacked or infected with virus as soon as you connect. .



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