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How the United States could have won the Vietnam War

The author lists the actions that made the United States the victors in the Vietnam War, not the losers.

  1. Battle for the right side… Vietnam was a country whose inhabitants were tired of dictators and oppression. Perhaps, the expert suggests, the mistake of the States was that they fought on the “wrong” side – the side of people who were trying to get rid of oppression.
  1. “Know your enemy”… America did not see the situation in the world as it really was. She feared that communism would pose a threat to Western democracy. Also, the United States believed that the transition of Vietnam to communism could lead to an increase in the influence of the USSR in China. But the Americans simply did not understand well the relationship between these three countries. Historically, Vietnam was in conflict with the Chinese side, although today it is one of the most powerful partners of the United States in deterring China’s actions. If America knew about the peculiarities of relations between Vietnam and China, it would be less afraid of the transition of the Vietnamese side to communism. Moreover, Vietnam could have become an ally of the United States even then.
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