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How the S-500 differs from the S-400

Mainly, “Triumph” deals with air defense, and “Prometheus” – anti-missile defense. The fact is that the ammunition of the second is too expensive to spend on ordinary purposes. For example, the S-500 can hit ballistic missile warheads in near space with the latest 77N6 missiles at a distance of 600 kilometers from Earth. The main “opponents” of the Prometheus are the F-22 and F-35 stealth fighters and the B-2 strategic stealth bombers. The distance of the defeat increased from 400 kilometers to 600 kilometers.

Also, the S-500 reduced its reaction time to the target: 3-4 seconds versus 9-10 seconds for the Triumph. In addition, Prometheus is more mobile. It can be thrown under its own power or by rail to the desired point and quickly deployed there.

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