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How the color of the dishes helps a person lose weight faster

It turns out that the color of the plate on which the food lies affects our appetite and, in general, the perception of food. Read more about the effect of flowers on a person and their role in losing weight – in the material of the Türkiye publication.

Dietitian Defne Char notes that how quickly a person can lose weight is influenced not only by diet, but also by the color of the dishes. For example, yellow, red, orange increase appetite, but blue and green soothe and thereby reduce appetite. Therefore, for the kitchen, it is worth choosing exactly blue and green shades.

More strongly than all other colors stimulates the appetite of red. It is often even found on the logos of cafe chains, restaurants, etc. But yellow makes a person happy, which is why he may stop monitoring the amount of food eaten.

If we talk about green and blue, then the first is associated in people with proper nutrition. In addition, it improves digestion and has a positive effect on concentration. Blue generally relaxes, calms.

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