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How the camera in the Google Pixel 6 differs from the Pixel 5a

Concerning Photo, here, too, the Pixel 6 often shows the best results. However, everything still depends on the shooting conditions.

Photos of architecture at night and in the evening are mostly similar. However, the colors are often more pleasant than 5a: they come out more natural (in 5a, the shades are generally colder, in 6 – warmer). At the same time, there is also 5a more noise compared to the Pixel 6. In terms of detail, both give good pictures.

On a cloudy day, the Pixel 6 does a better job of detailing photos. In addition, there is a noticeable difference in color rendition between the shots.

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But in the photo with shop windows, the 5a has more details, and the highlights are about the same as on the Pixel 6. In some evening or night photos, glare may appear on the Pixel 6, which were not on the 5a.

The neon lights in the photo work better with the 6, but overall the photos are pretty similar. Only 5a is slightly less detail and a little more highlights.

In general, in terms of photo at night, the 5a does not differ much from 6. And the Pixel 5a often produces more pleasing colors.

In portrait photos, the difference is also not always significant. For example, indoors under artificial light, the 5a is better for color rendering, and the Pixel 6 is better for details. In some cases, however, the white balance works better on the Pixel 6.

In neon light, the photo of a person turned out to be not very successful in both cases. But in terms of detail, the Pixel 6 is still better here.

Overall, the Pixel 6 almost always has more detail than the 5a. Due to this, in the latter, the picture is smoothed, irregularities and imperfections of the skin are not so noticeable. The Pixel 5a wins at times and in terms of color reproduction. In general, according to the presenter, portrait shots often come out more interesting just on the 5a model.

Another test is a selfie photo. In the daytime, from the point of view of highlights, there is no difference, but the detail is better by 5a. At night, the photo comes out better on Pixel 6. In addition, the “six” makes it possible to remove glare from the face.

In the afternoon, the photos of the car and the kiosk turned out to be very similar. However, the picture is slightly lighter on the Pixel 6.

In general, in terms of photography capabilities, the devices, the expert concludes, are quite close. The same cannot be said for video: in this respect, the Pixel 6 has gone quite far ahead of the 5a.


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