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How the brain is able to recover from trauma

Also, as the author notes, to some extent it is possible to reconstruct what is left after a brain injury due to neuroplasticity. Like a route planner on a map, the human brain is able to plot a new one if the old one has problems. This is explained by the fact that each brain cell has many different connections.

When the brain is damaged, new connections between neurons can form. So the brain will try to create a way to manage the lost functions. Similar neuroplastic processes can occur during the development of new skills, but in the event of a serious traumatic brain injury, this can lead to the fact that some functions will be transferred to different areas of the brain.

The nerve fibers (axons) that transmit signals can also repair to some extent if the main part of the nerve cell has not been damaged. At the same time, Fawcett emphasizes that when the spinal cord is damaged, this process is difficult: it is limited to the formation of scar tissue. Scientists have managed to achieve partial regeneration of axons in the spinal cord of mice and rats, but in humans this is more difficult to achieve due to the fact that their nerve fibers are longer and more difficult to grow.

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Special rehabilitation programs are used to restore people’s brain functions. They are aimed at exploiting the neuroplasticity of the brain and may involve up to 17 hours of therapy daily.



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