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How the appearance of animals and humans will change as a result of global warming

Our planet is now changing as a result of global warming. Moreover, the latter has a stronger effect on animals, since they have special mechanisms that would make their life easier or could protect them from the heat.

Generally, climate change is caused by the rise in temperature as a result of the emission of greenhouse gases. This emission is due to the combustion of various fuels or other activities that contribute to climate change.

Among the possible consequences of climate change are storms, heat waves, rising water levels, food shortages, etc. By the way, since the first factories were opened, the global average temperature has increased by 1.2 degrees Celsius.

Some animals are unable to quickly adapt to rapid warming. Others do the opposite. Scientists claim that certain types of animals are already beginning to change their appearance. So, in a study published in Science Daily, among the quickly adapting animals were birds (the beak of some species of Australian parrots has increased by 10% since 1871; the same with the gray junco), European mice, and masked shrews.

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