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How smartphones listen to users

According to the expert, there are two scenarios in which applications record user speech and send it to third parties. For wiretapping, you either need to download the application, or this is done through the system software.

Downloaded apps access the microphone and can run in the background. It should be alarming that an application that does not need a microphone to perform functions suddenly asks for access to it. But sometimes such a program can ask for access to the microphone quite “legally” if it assumes the related functions. “Nevertheless, it is thanks to this that many development companies can collect data almost invisibly for users in order to monetize it through contextual advertising,” the expert noted.

If the wiretapping goes through the system software, the data collection is most likely going on officially. How to determine if some software is listening to the user? There are indirect signs: the battery is draining quickly, applications consume a lot of traffic.

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