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How similar is the game world to a real war

  1. The need for military training… In addition, combat encounters do not occur as often during war as in games. Although, on the other hand, this is why the player can know more about the tactics of fighting, about what happens during the attack and what to expect from the enemy. In real life, most of it is not the battle itself, but preparation for it, various marches, maintenance of equipment, etc.

It is also worth noting the fact that during the game the gamer himself is immortal – only a character can die. This allows a person to go through the game endlessly, to move from one battle to another. But in war, everything is more complicated: you can die at any time, including by accident. And experience does not always help to avoid this.

And in principle, very few people manage to achieve such a level of preparation as in games. At least this is due to the fact that the player can repeat the same actions in battle 25 times in one evening, but in reality, a person purely physically cannot perform this.

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