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How scammers use your information from social media

According to the expert, scammers use their knowledge about the user based on the information provided in the accounts. They will use what is called a personal approach: if a user, for example, is fond of cars and places an advertisement for the purchase of a car, he may receive the “most profitable” offer with a discount. And then a person will be left without money and without a car.

This also applies to what can be sent in social networks on behalf of the user to his friends. This always needs to be controlled.

You can fight these types of fraud only with a minimum of information about yourself. Even the date of birth should not be left anywhere without a serious reason.

“It is necessary to turn on the” paranoia mode “, to the extent that the date of birth is not indicated anywhere. You should not spread to a wide audience about your immediate plans, for example, about a vacation. Because cybercriminals work not only on the Internet, but also offline. In such a combination, they can cause a lot of trouble for ordinary users. It is better to close all data about yourself as much as possible, “advised Kravtsov.

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