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How old SSDs and HHDs can be used: five useful tips

HHDs and SSDs can last quite a while. However, over time, all the same, the amount of memory that they offer begins to be insufficient. However, even in this case, they can be used. For example, there are five ways to use a 120GB SATA SSD and a 250-500GB HHD SSD.

  1. SSD as a buffer for browsers, downloads, and the swap file. It is quite convenient to download all documents to an SSD. To do this, you need to move the “Downloads” folder there. You can also move the paging file there.
  2. SSD as a storage device for a second OS . You can take Windows 10, 11 or Linux for this.
  1. SSD as fast and reliable external storage . For example, this option is suitable for installation on an external AgeStar 3UB2A8-6G case. Although this drive will be small in volume, it will work pretty quickly. Moreover, you can even install Windows on such a device.
  1. HDD 3.5 “- as a portable one . For this, you need an external case of the AgeStar 3UB3O8 type. Then you can download the necessary films, photos, etc. to the drive.
  1. HDD for backup data inside the computer. If there are several HHDs, then you can use a hard disk management system like JEYI I Control-8. You must first turn on the disks, then save the necessary data on them, and then turn them off. In addition, such a device allows two users to use one computer independently of each other.
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