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How often do Russians buy expensive smartphones?

MTS specialists conducted a fresh study, which showed that Russians began to buy expensive smartphones more often. Thus, sales of phones over 50 thousand rubles increased by 1.5 times.

Due to this, the share of such devices in the Russian market is 12.9%. At the same time, the data was collected in the period from January to October 2021, i.e. the trend is quite recent.

According to experts, the growing popularity of expensive smartphones is associated with the desire of users to change the device less often. At the same time, the phones themselves have risen in price by about 30% over the past year – a model that last year cost less than 50 thousand rubles, in 2021 it could well start to cost even more than this amount.

Experts believe that in 2022, gadgets will continue to rise in price. It is expected that the rise in prices will be approximately 15-17%, and it will be associated with an increase in the cost of components.

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