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How much more to wait for Starlink in India? How much will it cost? Know every detail here

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New Delhi. Starlink is a company of Elon Musk which provides satellite internet services. Now this company is ready to get the license to start operations in India after clearing the regulatory hurdles. With this service, people living in rural and remote areas will be able to get internet service.

Starlink is expected to get approval from the Indian government this week after the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade clears its shareholding pattern. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) can give conditional approval to Starlink.

The department is preparing a note which will be sent to Telecom Secretary Neeraj Mittal and Communications Minister Ashwini Vaishnav for approval. Once they give their approval, the satellite communications wing of the department will issue approval to Musk’s company.

Starlink had applied for a Global Mobile Personal Communication by Satellite Services (GMPCS) license in 2022. With this, it will become the third company to get this license after Jio Satellite Communications and OneWeb.

However, the DoT approval will not allow the company to launch satellite-based broadband services immediately. Starlink will also need approval from the National Space Promotion and Authorization Center to set up an earth station.

Even after all these approvals, the satellite arms of Starlink, OneWeb and Jio will have to wait for the spectrum to be given to them by DoT to offer services. Amazon’s satcom arm – Project Kuiper – is also seeking GMPCS license in India.

How much speed will you get?
According to Starlink, users typically experience download speeds between 25 and 220 Mbps. At the same time, most users experience speeds of more than 100Mbps. At the same time, the upload speed is usually between 5 and 20Mbps. This technology is more beneficial for those customers who live in remote areas. Where traditional internet infrastructure such as towers and optical fiber cannot be reached.

How much will Starlink service cost?
At present, it is not clear what the price of Starlink service will be in India. But, according to the former India head of the company, the price for the first year can be Rs 1,58,000. At the same time, the service cost including 30 percent tax will be Rs 1,15,000 from the second year. Starlink equipment will have to be purchased only once. The base price for user equipment can be Rs 37,400. At the same time, the monthly price for the service is possible at Rs 7,425.

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