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How much money should be in the account of SBI and ICICI Bank account holders? Know details

Minimum Balance Rules: Bank is a very integral part of the life of all of us where we can easily save our money without any fear. Banks provide many types of facilities to their customers on Saving Account Minimum Balance, but along with these facilities, customers also have to follow some important rules and regulations. The most important in this is to maintain the minimum balance in the savings account (Saving Account Minimum Balance Rules). Let us tell you that every bank decides its own minimum average balance rule. If the minimum balance is not maintained in the account of a person, then the bank can charge a penalty from him.

Explain that the minimum balance is the amount that every person should keep at least in his account. The minimum balance amount varies from bank to bank. If you do not maintain the minimum balance in your account then you may have to pay a penalty to the bank. Two big banks of the country i.e. State Bank of India and ICICI Bank have fixed different minimum balance amount for their customers. If you are also one of the crores of customers of both the banks, then we are giving you information about this rule of both the banks-

Minimum balance rules for SBI account holders
State Bank of India (SBI Minimum Balance Rules) has fixed the minimum balance rule according to the area in its accounts. If your account is in an urban area branch, then you must keep at least Rs 1,000 in your account. At the same time, the minimum balance amount for the account holders of rural areas is Rs 1,000. On the other hand, if the metro city is to be paid, then this amount has been fixed at Rs 3,000.

Minimum balance rules for ICICI Bank account holders
ICICI Bank (ICICI Bank Minimum Balance Rules) has also fixed the minimum balance amount according to the area. If you have an account in urban or metro city, then you must maintain a balance of at least Rs 10,000. Whereas in semi urban this amount should be Rs 5,000 and in rural areas this amount should be at least Rs 2,500. If not, you may have to pay a fine.

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