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How much money does Apple spend to buy OLED iPad panels from Samsung and LG?

OLED iPad Panel Cost: Today, we’ll discuss the number of OLED display units Apple is procuring from Samsung and LG, along with the amount of money Apple is paying to both companies for these display panels.

Apple iPad Pro: Apple is set to launch its new iPad Pro models, which are expected to feature OLED displays known for their superior screen quality compared to LCD panels. Reportedly, Apple is sourcing these OLED panels from smartphone manufacturers Samsung and LG. Today, we’ll delve into the quantity of OLED display units Apple is acquiring from Samsung and LG, as well as the financial transactions involved.

How many units will Samsung and LG supply?

According to a report from the Korea Economic Daily, South Korean companies Samsung and LG have jointly supplied 8.5 million OLED displays to Apple, the iPhone maker. These displays are intended for the new iPad Pro models slated for release this month. As per sources cited in the report, Samsung Display will provide 4 million units, while LG Display will supply 4.5 million units of OLED panels for the new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models.

Display prices

Media reports suggest that the price of an 11-inch OLED display is estimated to be $290 (approximately Rs 22,100 in Indian rupees) per unit, while the price of a 12.9-inch display is estimated to be $390 (approximately Rs 29,700 in Indian rupees) per unit. This implies that Apple would have paid Samsung and LG approximately $2.9 billion (about Rs 221 billion in Indian rupees) for these displays.

Surpassing Chinese companies

Both Samsung and LG are ramping up mass production of these displays. It’s worth noting that by the end of last year, Chinese company BOE Technology Group dominated the OLED market for foldable phones with a 42% share. However, in a bid to compete with Chinese firms, Samsung and LG have shifted their focus from OLED panels for TVs and smartphones to IT (Information Technology) OLED panels. IT OLED panels find particular use in tablets and laptops.


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