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How much mileage your car or bike is giving, find out in a pinch

Everyone wants to know how much mileage their car or bike is giving. Mileage directly affects your pocket. Most of the vehicles are now displaying average fuel economy. Although it differs slightly from real life mileage. Today we are showing you the easiest and most reliable way to find out the mileage of any car or bike (how to check the correct mileage on a car or bike).

Mileage tells you
one advantage of finding out the health mileage of the vehicle is that it also lets you know the health of your car. If the fuel economy of your car is much higher than normal, then you can assume that all is not well with the engine and it can become a problem for you at any time.

Easiest way to tell mileage
1. The method we are talking about is tank to tank. That is, go to the petrol pump and get the car’s tank full. 

2. Now note down the odometer reading (kilometers of the vehicle) of your vehicle. If the vehicle has a trip meter, set it to zero.

3. Use your car the way you do everyday. Once the fuel meter is half or one fourth, then go to the fuel station again and get the tank full once again. Here you have to note how many liters of oil (for example 10 liters) is used to fill the tank this time. 

4. Also re-enter your odometer reading. To find out how many kilometers the train has traveled in this period (for example 150KM). 

5. Now divide the kilometer lost during this time by the fuel required to fill the tank for the second time. That is, if your car has run 150 km in 10 liters of fuel, then your car is offering a mileage of 15KMPL. 


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