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How much has the price of veg thali increased in one year, how much has the price of non-veg increased?

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In the last one year, the pockets of those who eat vegetables have become looser. On the other hand, non-eaters have saved. Don’t be surprised, this has been revealed in the CRISIL report. If compared with last month, there has been relief in the price of veg thali. The main reason for which is the decline in the prices of tomatoes and onions. If we talk about non-veg, there has been a decline in prices in the last month and last one year. If experts are to be believed, inflation figures may be lower due to decline in veg thali as compared to last month. Let us also tell you what else has been said in the CRISIL report.

How much did veg thali become expensive in one year?

Crisil said the relief came due to the reduction in onion and tomato prices by 26 per cent and 16 per cent respectively, along with higher domestic supply of onion amid export curbs and supply of fresh tomatoes from northern and eastern states. On one hand, the price of veg thali was seen at Rs 28 in the month of January. So a month before that i.e. in December, the same price was Rs 29.7. If we talk about last year, then in January 2023, the price of veg thali was Rs 26.6. This means that there has been an increase in the price of veg thali in the last one year.

Expensive vegetarian plate in a year

The rating agency said the price of vegetarian thali increased due to year-on-year increase in prices of onion and tomato by 35 per cent and 20 per cent respectively. CRISIL also said that higher prices of rice and pulses from last year were also the reason for higher prices of home-cooked vegetarian food in January compared to last year. The share of rice in the cost of vegetable thali is 12 percent, while the weight of pulses is 14 percent.

Saving in non veg thali

The price of home-cooked non-veg thali has declined sequentially and year-on-year as broiler prices, which account for about 50 per cent of the cost, have declined. Crisil said the decline in the price of non-veg thali was due to a 26 per cent year-on-year decline in broiler prices amid higher production. The price of non-veg thali in January was Rs 52, whereas last month it was Rs 56.4 and last year it was Rs 59.9.

Inflation expected to reduce in January

Plate prices indicated that inflation is likely to decline in January from a four-month high of 5.7 percent in December. Barclays estimates that inflation will decline to 5.4 percent in January. Rahul Bajoria, MD and head of EM Asia (ex-China), said that overall, price pressures are under control and the MPC should be allowed to keep interest rates on hold in its February MPC. Experts are considering cutting the policy rate by 25 bps in the RBI MPC meeting in June or August.

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