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How much faster do smartphones charge in airplane mode?

Initially, the flight mode was designed to prevent the potentially negative effects of smartphone radio waves on aircraft on-board systems. The airplane mode was also used on the ground. Airplane mode comes in handy if you’re in a meeting or lecture. It can be turned on at night to slow down battery drain and turn off annoying calls and messages. And in this mode, the smartphone charges faster . Let’s see how this process is accelerating.

In airplane mode, all wireless interfaces are disabled: GPS, cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth . That is, the radio modules stop working, which give a significant load both to the system as a whole and to the battery in particular. As a result, in “quiet mode” the battery discharges more slowly and charges faster .

How much faster does a smartphone charge in airplane mode? On the Web, you can find different numbers characterizing the acceleration of the charging process: 1.5% faster, 10%, 20%, etc.

The point is that the gain in time depends on a number of factors. Namely:

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  • Battery condition,
  • Smartphone model (and battery capacity),
  • Power consumption level of radio modules (it is not always the same even for the same mobile device). 

There is no universal answer to the question. Determining how much faster your smartphone charges in airplane mode, you can only experimentally. For example, in normal mode, iPhone 12 charged from 1% to 25% in 21 minutes (at 5W charging power), and in airplane mode – in 18 minutes. Overall, airplane mode can save you up to 20 minutes. Of course, airplane mode will shorten the charging time if you’re not using your smartphone.


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