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How many types of washing machines are there? What should be the wash and spin speed, know everything before buying


There are different types of washing machines available in the market.
The features of each washing machine are different from other machines.
To buy a washing machine, it is necessary to have basic information about it.

New Delhi. As man is getting busy, science is making progress. Today science has given many facilities to man. Today machines have come to wash clothes in our homes. Now we did not have to work hard like in the old times. While buying a washing machine, the thought comes in our mind that which machine will be suitable for us, so that we can wash the clothes of our entire family comfortably. Today washing machines can be seen in almost every house. Whether it is an old model or a new one, before buying any item from the market, it is very important to have basic information about it.

In such a situation, if you are also planning to buy a washing machine for yourself, then today we are going to tell you which product you should buy for yourself. Before buying a washing machine, you should know that there are two types of products currently available in the market. These include semi automatic machines and fully automatic machines.

semi automatic machine
Semi automatic machine is in trend in the market since long. There are two drums in this, in one drum you wash your clothes and the other drum is used to dry them. After washing clothes in a drum you have to do some hard work. They have to be put in another drum. These machines are cheaper than full automatic machines. You can put laundry in it even in the middle of a running machine. This machine is slightly bigger in size and takes up more space.

fully automatic machine
You get many facilities in full automatic machine. Like semi automatic machine you do not have to do any kind of hard work. In this you can put your clothes for washing. After that this machine does all the work automatically. In this, you do not have to change any drum, nor do you have to move the clothes here and there, nor do you have to pour water inside the machine. This machine does all this work automatically. In this machine you get your clothes dry.

Fully automatic machines are also of two types. These are called top load and front load and front load washing machines. Both the machines work in the same way, but there are some differences which we should understand before buying the machine.

top load washing machine
This machine looks like a semi automatic washing machine. Clothes are put inside it in the same way from above. We can put extra clothes in this machine without any hindrance. For this we do not need to stop the machine in any way. This machine is also suitable for people who often have pain in their knees or who feel difficulty in bending. This machine is cheaper than front load machine. This machine consumes more power.

front load washing machine
In this machine, a door is provided at the front, by opening which you can put your clothes. Advance technology has been used to make it, it comes in both analog and digital versions. Digital machine is a bit expensive. If your budget is less then you can buy analog machine. Both work in the same way. This machine consumes very less electricity as compared to top load washing machine.

If there is a power failure while washing clothes, you can take them out from top load washing machines and semi automatic machines, but this does not happen in front loads. Once you put clothes in the front load, you can take out the clothes only after completing its complete cycle. Now the question arises that which machine is better and which machine you should buy for yourself, so let us now tell you about it step by step.

Which machine is easy to use
Top loading machine is like a semi automatic machine. But in this we do not need to work extra hard. In this we can add extra clothes later as per our convenience. Additional water and detergent powder can also be added to it. While the front load machine does not have this facility and has to bend a little to put clothes in it. Talking about use, top load washing machine is easier to use than front load.

Which machine washes clothes better
The drum of top load washing machine works like a semi automatic machine. It keeps the clothes moving back and forth from the same place, while the drum of the front load machine rotates the clothes properly, due to which the clothes get cleaned better. Talking about cleanliness, the front load washing machine is better than the top load.

water consumption
Front load washing machines consume less water than top load washing machines. You will have to give more water in a top load washing machine, whereas in a front load washing machine this consumption is reduced by up to 40%. Suppose if you use top load washing machine 10 liters of water, then in front-load the same work will be done in 5 to 6 liters of water.

Which wash speed is better?
Before buying a washing machine, we should also keep in mind the wash speed. Front load washing machine is more suitable in terms of wash speed.

Which machine has the fastest spinner speed?
The speed of the spinner plays an important role in the washing machine. The higher the speed, the better the machine. Usually this tree is measured in RPM, the spinner speed of whatever machine you are taking should be at least 1000 rpm or above. Even in terms of spinner speed, front load machines give better results than top loads.


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