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How many times the incidence of omicron will increase in January 2022: forecast of Russian scientists

The omicron strain is likely to be quite dangerous. This is evidenced by data on severe variants of the course of the disease and the first death from it. More details – in the material of the publication “Life”.

According to the forecasts of futurologists, in January 2022, more than 50 thousand people a day can become infected, and this is almost twice as much as before. Moreover, the new variant spreads through the body 70 times faster than the previous ones.

Futurologist Igor Artyukhov emphasizes that now it is quite difficult to make accurate predictions. However, if we rely on the properties of the “omicron”, then we can assume that in January there will be more than 50 thousand infected in Russia every day. The immunologist Nikolai Kryuchkov also spoke about the danger of the strain for the residents of the country in the second half of January.

According to virologist Pavel Volchkov, a new wave of coronavirus incidence awaits the Russian Federation in late February or early March 2022.

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