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How many SDMs are there in a district?

Ek Jile Me Kitne SDM Hote Hain – You must have heard about the post of SDM like District Officer (DM). Let us tell you that it is considered one of the highest posts in the district. Every citizen should know about the SDM of his district, so the question arises that how many SDMs are there in a district? Or who is the SDM of the district? Or what is the work of SDM?

Whenever we talk about the governance system of our district. So a thought arises in our mind that after all who gives their important contribution in running our district smoothly?

How many SDMs are there in a district?

First of all let us tell you that there can be more than one SDM in 1 district. But today’s article has been written about who determines the number of SDMs in the district and how SDMs are selected as well as how you can reach this important post.

Let us tell you that there is no fixed figure for the post of SDM in any district. There can be 1, 2 or even 4 to 5 to 10-12 SDMs in a district. This number depends on the tehsil there. The post of SDM is found in all the tehsils in that district. SDM is the rank next to District Magistrate.

Just as the work of the District Magistrate of our district is to keep the administrative system of his district in his hands. In the same way, the work of SDM i.e. Sub-District Magistrate is done at the divisional level, similar to DM’s administrative work.

The district is divided into different tehsils, in each tehsil or division it is the SDM’s job to handle the administrative work. In this way, the number of SDMs in a district depends on the tehsil.

This is the reason why a lot of similarities are found in the functions of SDM and DM. If we say in short language, then their work is to run the administration system smoothly in their district. And it is their important duty to take care of all the citizens of their district.

SDM Full Form

SDM’s full form There is a Sub Divisional Magistrate.

Let us tell you that the DM who is in a district is also called District Magistrate. If we say in other language then we also know District Magistrate by the name of District Officer and we know SDM by the name of Sub Divisional Magistrate or Sub Divisional Judge in Hindi.

Who chooses the SDM of the district?

Let us tell you that there is a government post on SDM. It is considered one of the highest posts in the district. No one can listen directly to the post of SDM. The person sitting on this post has to pass through various competitions.

First of all, one has to pass the examination of Public Service Commission (PCS) constituted by the State Government or the examination of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) constituted by the Central Government. After this the interview has to be passed and after one year of rigorous training a person is given the post of SDM.

There are different SDMs in the district who work to maintain political peace and governance system in different areas. Read the information given below to understand what is the work of SDM and how you can reach this post.

What work does the SDM have to do in the district?

After understanding the count and full form of SDM, you also need to understand the working of SDM which is listed below –

  • Giving details of documents related to the certificate.
  • To see the work related to the land means to see the work related to the revenue.
  • At the time of election, transparency should be completed in all the works in the election.
  • In times of emergency, going to the spot and giving assurance to the victims and providing proper arrangements to them by the government and allocating funds to them for the compensation of their lives and property.
  • If there is a dispute between two parties on any matter in their border area, then to settle it.
  • To look into encroachment cases and to punish those who make mistakes.

SDM kaise bane | How to become SDM?

To become SDM i.e. Sub Divisional Magistrate one has to cross the following written criteria.

  • First of all, the applicant has to complete his elementary education and must have obtained a bachelor’s degree from any stream.
  • After this, by giving the examination by the State Public Service Commission ie State Public Service Commission and passing it, you can make your place for the post of SDM.
  • You can make your place for this post by passing the competitive exam i.e. Civil Services Exam which is also conducted by UPSC.
  • This post is given to officers who score good marks in State PCS or UPSC.
  • Let us tell you that promotions till the post of SDM are very less. But after working for a long time, he gets promoted to the post of SDM.

SDM Eligibility Criteria | Eligibility to become SDM

Whether is a very important post in which to be appointed one has to fulfill certain prescribed qualifications which are listed below –

Teaching Qualification to become SDM

  • To become an SDM, the applicant must have a graduation degree.
  • yet from any stream and any college university Bachelor Degree can achieve.

age to become sdm

To become SDM, you have to pass PCS or UPSC exam for which some fixed age limit has been kept. Let us tell you that the minimum age limit for each category is 21 years but the maximum age limit varies according to different categories which are listed below.

  • For General (GEN) Category – The maximum age limit is 40 years.
  • For OBC Category – Maximum age limit is 43 years.
  • For SC/ST – Maximum age limit is 45 years.

SDM Exam in Detail | SDM exam information

You have come to know that to become SDM the minimum graduation degree And the minimum age limit has been kept at 21 years. But it is also necessary to understand about which subject is examined and what kind of questions are asked in it.

There is no requirement of minimum marks to give this exam. To get this post, we have to give UPSC or State PSSC exam and the students who get the cutoff marks fixed by them are selected for this post.

In this exam, first of all we have to qualify the pre exam. Two papers are taken by the board for this exam. Which is completely objective and each paper is of 200 marks. There is minus marking in this exam. Each paper is of 2 hours duration.

After qualifying in pre exam we have to give mains exam. There are a total of 9 papers in the mains exam. In which two papers are of 300 marks each and the remaining 7 papers are of 250 marks. In these, 3 hours are given for each paper. In which all the question papers are of subjective type.

In this exam English and Indian language only have to qualify. Merit marks are determined from all the remaining subjects. After this when we clear the mains also. then we Interview For the selected officials of that board have to face. Where he asks us questions related to our subject. He also tries to know about the events happening around us so that he can find out completely about our mental state.

If we talk about the subject, then in this – History of India, Geography of India and Geography of the world, topics related to politics, economy etc.

Let us tell you that physical efficiency does not matter to get selected in this exam. When the candidate completes all these procedures successfully. After that training is given to successful candidates and they become SDM.


In this article, we have tried to tell you about SDM in simple words. we told that How much SDM is there in 1 district (Ek Jile Me Kitne SDM Hote Hai) Apart from this, some other important information related to the post of SDM has also been shared with you.

If after reading the information shared by us, you have understood well about this post, then share it with your friends, as well as do not forget to tell your suggestions or any kind of thoughts in the comments.

Q: Which one is more powerful, ADM or SDM?

Ans: SDM is responsible for only one revenue circle or sub-division or sub-district. And, ADM is responsible for the entire district.

Q: How many SDMs are there in Delhi?

Ans: There are 33 SDMs in Delhi. The 11 districts are divided into 33 sub-divisions of Delhi, each headed by a Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM).

Q : What is the salary of SDM in Delhi?

Ans: The salary of SDM in New Delhi ranges from ₹ 2.6 Lakh to ₹ 19.6 Lakh and the average annual salary is ₹ 3.5 Lakh.


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