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How many Russians share passwords with work colleagues

Leakage of confidential information from companies was named the most frequent consequence of violation of access to the infrastructure of an organization – more than half of the respondents think so. The second most common consequence of such violations, about 40%, is the temporary unavailability of the company’s services – sites, applications, etc.

The most interesting thing is that about 40% of access violations are caused by employees transferring their passwords from the company’s internal systems to colleagues, contractors, friends; in 30% of cases, staff use unreliable and simple passwords, and in another 22.5% they store them unsafely.

About 100 representatives of organizations in the financial sector, manufacturing, the public sector, the service sector, retail, the military-industrial complex and other industries took part in the study. The companies were participants in medium and large businesses. The survey of respondents was conducted from October to November 2021.

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