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How many plant-based burgers do you need to eat to get adequate protein?

The authors of a new scientific article examined the quality of protein in beef and pork burgers, as well as plant-based burgers from Impossible and Beyond Meat. Scientists fed this to pigs, and then measured their digestibility of certain essential amino acids.

The researchers recognized beef and pork burgers, served without buns, as “excellent” sources of protein. The Impossible Burger without a bun has also proven to be a “great” protein source for kids as young as three. The Beyond Burger has been hailed as a “good” protein source for children ages three and older.

Along with the bun, the Impossible Burger’s score dropped. But for regular burgers with a bun, the rating remained unchanged. Scientists said that the average person needs to eat 15% more Impossible Burger than regular burgers to get the same amount of amino acids. At the same time, the number of calories also grows.

The researchers noted that consuming the right amount of protein is especially important for children, adolescents, lactating women and the elderly.

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