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How many mobile numbers are running from your Aadhaar, how to address in seconds, block unknown numbers immediately

Aadhaar is most important in today’s date, so keeping it safe and protecting it from misuse becomes our biggest duty. UIDAI, an organization related to Aadhaar, is also taking many steps to prevent misuse of Aadhaar, but still the cases of fraud related to Aadhaar are also increasing continuously.

There is also a new fraud that someone else is running the SIM on your Aadhar card and you do not even know. That’s why it is very important to know that how many mobile sims are linked to your aadhaar number and you can also know this easily. In such a situation, if you are not using any SIM then you can disconnect it. You can check how many numbers are registered on your Aadhar card by visiting the TAFCOP website. This process is very easy and takes only a few seconds. So let’s know:

Check how many mobile numbers are registered with Aadhaar Number

1) To check, first go to

2) Now enter your contact number.

3) Now enter the OTP number you have received.

4) Then, all the numbers linked to your Aadhaar number will be displayed on the website.

5) From these numbers, users can report and block numbers that they are not using or no longer needed.

Guidelines As per the extant government guidelines, a person can register a maximum of nine mobile connections in his name.

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