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How is the Samsung Fold? Or better? Pros and cons of the Honor Magic V foldable smartphone They were listed on the YouTube channel “Honest Blog”

An expert of the Honest Blog channel in one of the issues evaluated the performance, operation of the cameras and other parameters of the flexible smartphone Honor Magic V. The results of the review are in the article.

The host of the “Honest Blog” Philip Belikov called the advantages and disadvantages of the Honor Magic V folding device. At the moment, this is one of the thinnest flexible smartphones in existence. True, it is quite difficult to open it.

In the kit , first of all, there is a cover made under carbon. There is also a 66W charger and a 66W car charger. The device can be charged 50 percent in about 16 minutes, and 100 percent in 40 minutes. There is no support for wireless charging here, but there is reverse charging (that is, you can use your smartphone to charge other devices at a speed of 5 W).

The battery of the smartphone is large in volume – 7750 mAh. In addition, the device has two displays . OLED screens are installed here. The diagonal of the external display is 6.45 inches, the refresh rate is 120 Hz. The internal display has a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

One of the features of the device is the absence of an opening between the screen and the side when folded . On the one hand, this prevents dust from penetrating inside, on the other hand, if something does get in, it is difficult to get it out. In addition, the smartphone is not equipped with moisture protection.

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At the same time, Honor Magic V has one inconvenient feature. Both screens reflect the same thing. That is, if you move something in the internal screen, then the same thing will happen on the external one. According to the expert, it would still be better if these were two separately working displays.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor is installed here . At the same time, in Antutu, compared to other smartphones that score about a million points, Honor has only 885 thousand points at the first launch. It heated up to 38.5 degrees, and the charge decreased by 7 percent (this is bad, since the average result is 5 percent). During the second run, the result was 907 thousand points and 43 degrees. In the throttling test, the device shows a performance decrease of only 15 percent. In general, the device works very smoothly, the presenter notes.

The expert also has questions to the manufacturer regarding the integration of applications on the big screen. If you start the camera on it, it will open even with partial folding to full screen. The same goes for other programs like the stopwatch. In other words, there is no splitting of the display into two parts .

As for the cameras , there is no telephoto lens , so you can not take portrait shots with several times the magnification. All other modules – in 50 MP. In general, the device makes it possible to obtain good clear and contrasting images. Sample photos and their comparison with photos from the iPhone 13 Pro are below.

In general, the presenter noted that he liked the appearance of the Honor Magic V smartphone, the way it lies in the hand, the operation of displays, good performance, camera, and battery. At the same time, the device does not open very conveniently, and it is impossible to fix the flexible screen in the half-open position (it automatically opens to the end).


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