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How hashtags on your social media help scammers find you

The journalists said that scammers began to use hashtags and tags on social networks to select “divorce” schemes for victims. For example, they can track posts about the postponed COVID-19, and then call under the guise of a “policeman”.

Izvestia reported on the new schemes of the attackers. The material provides the story of a Muscovite who posted a photo of a positive coronavirus test on Instagram. He accompanied the picture with the hashtags “quarantine”, “covid19”. The next day he received a call from an unknown number. The caller introduced himself to the police and said that last night a certain woman tried to withdraw money from a branch of a bank with a power of attorney in the name of a Muscovite. This woman allegedly said that the man was sick with COVID-19 and could not do it on his own.

Experts noted that fraudsters often use topical reasons for their schemes. It’s easier to deceive people this way. Also, experts added that it is not a problem to punch the victim’s number and find out her real name now. Therefore, deanon on social networks is possible.

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Experts advised to close a personal account, not to add strangers or incomprehensible people as friends, to be critical of information reposting, it is better not to spread geolocation.


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