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How flagship smartphones differ significantly from cheaper ones

So, there are a number of parameters by which the flagship outperforms a “simple” smartphone. The author has identified eight such points.

  1. Operating system… Most often, flagship smartphones have the most recent operating system and are updated more often too. Plus, the manufacturer’s support lasts longer.

More functions should be noted. True, some owners do not even know about them.

  1. Display… All flagships have AMOLED displays. This happens because such screens have a wider color gamut, which will help when watching video using the DCI-P3 color gamut. Premium smartphones have an Always On Display mode with additional interesting functions: for example, thanks to Canvas, you can create your own portrait, which will be displayed on the screen in this mode.

Another difference is the refresh rate of the display. It is 120 Hz or 144 Hz. A significant difference between them and screens with a frequency of 60 Hz is visible when opening the application, scrolling through the feed in social networks.

And all the flagships are equipped with the DC Dimming function, which at low brightness levels prevents the display from flickering.

  1. Performance and speed… Flagships are faster, they have 5G, they are more energy efficient and are capable of supporting high-resolution cameras. As a result, the photo quality will be better, and you can play games at maximum settings without any problems. The flagships also have a higher speed of RAM and built-in memory.
  1. Speakers and Sound… The flagships have stereo speakers with quality sound. They are also equipped with Dolby Atmos function.
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