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How expensive will it be to drive a car without FASTag? Here you will get the answer of every question related to FASTag

New Delhi. If you are planning to buy a car or have already bought, then first of all, activate FASTag in your vehicle. Because now it has become mandatory for every four wheeler to have FASTag. Let us tell you, from 12 o’clock on February 15, FASTag has become necessary for all four-wheelers across the country. There are many types of questions in the minds of people regarding FASTag. Can FASTag of one car be installed in another car? If FASTag falls somewhere, what will happen to the balance lying in it? Can the FASTag of one car be installed in another? What will happen to Fastag if the car is sold, know the answer to all these questions running in your mind.

fastag payment discount

Customers who pay at toll plazas through FASTag get 10% cashback. This cashback amount is deposited in their FASTag account within a week. Let me tell you, you will have to take different FASTag for each vehicle.

Fastag of one vehicle will not work for another vehicle

FASTag is issued after submission of KYC documents for each vehicle. If suppose a FASTag has been purchased for a car and it is used in a truck, then such FASTag will be blacklisted. Users are instructed not to do this at all.

Do this work if fastag is lost

If FASTag is lost, you will have to immediately turn it off by calling the care of the FASTag issuing company. When you take a new account, the company will transfer your outstanding amount to the new account, that is, your amount will be safe.

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