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How electric scooter was burnt to ashes in minutes, watch video

The incidence of fires in electric vehicles does not appear to be curbed. In the past few months, we have heard of several incidents of fires in electric vehicles and even fatalities have been reported in some tragic accidents. Now, the latest incident has come from Sonepur in Odisha, where the battery pack of an electric scooter caught fire.

of DishaBytes accordingA sudden fire broke out in an electric scooter in Odisha. It is being told that the fire started after an explosion in the battery pack of the electric scooter. The accident was reported on Monday morning. The incident took place near Ulunda block office, which is part of Sonepur district of Odisha.

The report states that Rabi Narayan Senapati of Ulunda had parked the electric two-wheeler in front of a shop and went for some shopping. Then the battery pack exploded. The scooter had caught fire before the fire brigade arrived. The cause of the explosion is yet to be ascertained. Apart from this, at the moment there is no information about which company this electric scooter belonged to.

There was also a fire at the end of last month an incident occurred Where the delivery boy of online grocery shopping platform Big Basket had to leave his ride midway as the e-scooter suddenly caught fire. The incident took place in front of Civitech Stadium near Sector 78 of Noida. In such a situation, by the time the fire marshal reached the spot, the scooter was completely burnt.

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