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How does Windows 11 slow down SSDs?

With the release of the first “stable” release of Windows 11, many users rushing to install a new operating system faced a number of problems. In particular, these included slowdowns in AMD processors , incompatibility with Oracle VirtualBox and some browsers, as well as Dell and Intel networking software . While Microsoft engineers are rushing to fix bugs and prepare new updates, let’s figure out how Windows 11 slows down the read / write speed of SSD drives and what to do about it.

A growing number of posts have appeared on social aggregator Reddit and on the official Microsoft support forum claiming that NVMe SSDs in Windows 11 are much slower than SSDs in Windows 10 . Some users have verified their claims with benchmark results.

Microsoft reacted surprisingly quickly, within days. The company has acknowledged the problem not only with NVMe SSDs, but also with SATA devices. As the representatives of the corporation explained, the decrease in the performance of the SSD is due to the incorrect writing of data to the medium. The error occurs on the NTFS file system while the USN Journal service is running. As Microsoft emphasized, this service is always enabled for the system drive.

If you are faced with a similar problem, do not worry too much. The engineers of the computer giant have already solved it. The bug fix will be included in the next regular update . In the meantime, you can manually install the optional KB5007262 update via Operating System Update. It remains to be hoped that Microsoft will deal with other shortcomings just as quickly.

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