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How does this Google Maps tool prevent accidents or invoices? Know how it works


Google Maps has a cool tool Speed ​​Limit Warning, which comes in handy for many things.
Speed ​​limit alerts are received, but accidents can also be avoided.
As soon as you get the speed limit alert, you will reduce the speed and you will be saved from huge expenses.

New Delhi. In this age of technology, no one has to ask the address of the location to go anywhere. Take out the mobile kept in the pocket and by setting the location in Google Maps, you can reach the desired place without any help, but few people know that Google Maps does not only work for this, but with the help of this accident and Traffic challan can also be avoided. For this, you have to activate a tool by going to Google Maps in your smartphone. This tremendous tool of Google is called Speed ​​Limit Warning.

With its help, not only does the speed limit alert get alerted, but accidents can also be avoided. We are going to tell you about how this is done and how this tool works.

Activate Speed ​​Limit Tool
To activate this cool tool of Google Maps, first install the Google Maps app.
After opening the app, click on the profile icon in the right side.
– Here you have to go to Navigation Settings in Settings.
Now select the speed limit setting option.
Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select Driving option.
Tap on the Speed ​​Limit and Speedometer option here.
– Only after doing this, this tool of Google Maps will be activated in your smartphone and every information about the speed limit will be available.

Advantages of Google’s Tools
There is often a speedometer on the road. Mobile will alert you as soon as you go beyond the specified limit. As soon as this happens, you will reduce your speed and you will be saved from huge expenses. Apart from this, if the speed is less then the accident can also be avoided.

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