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How does Google have answers to all your questions? find out

New Delhi :Google Tricks: Whenever we want an answer to any question, any new information, we first search on Google. Google is the world’s largest search engine. Whether it is the answer to a question in school or information about office work, we search everything on Google. We are collecting all the information by Google with one click of the smartphone. But, have you ever wondered how Google has the answers to all these questions? How to find all the information on Google in just a few seconds? So Google Search follows its algorithm and answers your every query based on the information available on the platform.


After typing anything in the search bar, you get information about the pages available on the web. This is because there is no central registry of webpages on the Internet. So it is consistently included in the list by Google. Google bot of web crawlers is used for this process. Webpages are searched by this crawler. Google crawls pages to answer your questions and then adds new pages to the index.


Search result information is understood as Google page data. Google analyzes content such as videos, images, catalogs, etc. embedded on webpages. This process is called indexing. This information is submitted to the Google index and a large database is created. Many things are taken into consideration while creating this database. This includes keywords, origin content on the website, and whether the content has been copy-pasted or not. Google’s system tracks all this information in the search index and rejects duplicate content if found.


After the user searches, the top result is provided by Google. For this things like language, location, device are taken into consideration. Which page has higher rank is also seen. Thus, Google answers your every question within seconds.

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