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How dangerous are synthetic food colors to health?

The head of the Center for Colon Cancer Research at the University of South Carolina told how he studies the effect of synthetic food colors on the development of colorectal cancer.

It is worth noting that the main cause of this type of cancer is DNA damage. A mutation may appear that causes the cell to divide uncontrollably and become a malignant tumor. Another cause of colorectal cancer is inflammation. When this inflammation persists for a long time, it can harm healthy cells by releasing free radicals that can damage DNA. Another type of molecule, cytokines, can prolong inflammation.

As the scientist noted, there is also evidence that synthetic dyes can stimulate the body’s inflammatory mechanism. In addition, these substances have been found to damage the DNA of rodents. These results, however, need to be reproduced in human models.

The researcher concluded that eating a few dyed treats while on vacation won’t cause colorectal cancer, but a long-term diet of processed foods can.

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