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How children who find it difficult to read differ from normal children in brain function

This is a genetically determined neurological disorder that manifests itself in impairments in the ability to write and read, but with the preservation of the general ability to learn. Were collected 100 children aged 6-14 years – 50 with diagnosed dyslexia and 50 without it. The participants had to determine the general direction of movement of the points – the time of analysis and assimilation of visual information was checked.

Children without dyslexia coped well. With dyslexia – they analyzed and interpreted the visual series for longer, and their answers were less accurate. During the test, all participants underwent electroencephalography to study brain activity.

It was found that the synchronized activity of the parietal regions of the brain increased in all participants, but this occurred more slowly in children with dyslexia.

At the same time, scientists note that the causes of dyslexia are still unclear.

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