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How artificial intelligence will help prevent the death of humanity due to climate change

In 2019, according to a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was higher than ever before. The only option that will help solve this problem is to reduce the emissions of some gases. New technologies can help in this.

How can the carbon dioxide and climate change situation be improved? According to the author of the article, this can be achieved by introducing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into various equipment.

For example, if you install AI in buildings, then it will allow you to regulate lighting and ventilation. The system will automatically reduce their brightness / speed when not in use. The same goes for elevators.

AI systems will also be installed in zero-emission electric vehicles. This will make the machines safer for the environment and more efficient.

In addition, neural networks are able to predict where floods or storms will cause serious damage to homes. AI can analyze and identify places on the planet where forests are illegally cut down, fish are caught, animals are hunted, etc.

In general, such technologies will increase the chances of saving the Earth.

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