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How advertising money is spent after YouTube, Google AdWords and other platforms leave the Russian advertising market

According to Kommersant citing Genius Group and Sostav analysts, after YouTube, Google AdWords, Instagram*, Facebook* and TikTok left the Russian advertising market, companies are transferring budgets to Russian advertising products.

The study was conducted in May-July among hundreds of advertising agencies and brands, including Nestle, X5, Splat, Hoff, Gedeon Richter Pharma, OMD MD, Dentsu, BBDO and others. Due to Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, some foreign Internet platforms have disabled the ability for Russian companies to buy ads, as a result, advertisers have lost their YouTube, Google AdWords, Instagram*, Facebook*, TikTok inventory. The only exceptions are direct integrations into bloggers’ content.

Surveys have shown that companies most often redistribute budgets from YouTube to VK Advertising, programmatic platforms (automated purchase of advertising on the Internet) are in second place, Yandex.Direct video advertising is in third, and online cinemas are fourth.

Yandex.Direct has become the most popular alternative to Google AdWords. The respondents most often direct budgets from Instagram to VK Advertising. Facebook* and TikTok are also most often replacing VK advertising products. At the same time, some respondents note that they prefer not to redistribute the budgets originally intended for foreign advertising platforms at all.

With the growth of advertising prices in the remaining social networks, advertisers note the lack of interesting formats, video inventory and tools for end-to-end analytics on the Russian market. 60% of respondents said that in order to completely replace YouTube, Russian advertising products lack the reach and quality of the audience.

* – belong to Meta, which is recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation and banned.

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