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Hope for blinds

No it is not a blind hope but a hope for blinds, which is considered to be such a curse that shakes the very existence of a human being. Yes we are talking of blindness that frightened anybody has perfectly focused eyes even. No normal built person even dreamt in his wildest dream of losing eyes, because the whole world is for your eyes only. Without this a perfect heaven is a drastic dragon hell.

To give solace & ray of hope for millions of visually challenged people worldwide, a new drug to treat common forms of blindness is all set to go for clinical trail very soon. Researchers at the University of Bristol have developed the drug to treat eye diseases affecting the elderly & diabetics such as age–related muscular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic retinopathy according to British media’s recent report.

The research team, led by professor Dave Bates & Dr. Steve Harper of the University’s micro vascular Research laboratories have identified  a novel, naturally occurring form of a  compound which inhibits the formation of new blood vessels- a major & contributing cause of the wet type of age –related muscular degeneration and also diabetic retinopathy.

The news of the drug comes just days after the scientist claimed of a bionic eye. The device consists of three elements mainly. First of all a miniature camera worn in a pair of dark glasses, which transmits images to a radio receiver implanted near the patient’s eye. This then sends signal on to a tiny chip that sits on the retina. The chips’ electrodes stimulate the gangalion  cells that necessiates the transmission of visual information to the optic nerve and onward passing to the brain.

No doubt these developments have brought the bright ray of hope of treating age-related blindness problems initially but in due course it will definitely be able to treat the common blindness too. The course analysis at least reveals that there is a bright chance of treating the very root of blindness. Hopefully the clinical test will come out successfully which suggests that the common ailment concerning blindness can be treated. Let us whole heartedly hope this be success & solve the age problem of blindness which others considered to be the worst curse in one’s life.

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