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Honor 50 vs OnePlus Nord 2: comparison of cameras, autonomy and speed

The YouTube channel “SMART REVIEW” has determined which of the two is better: Honor 50 or OnePlus Nord 2.

The host of the channel compared two mobile devices on several parameters. These are Honor 50 and OnePlus Nord 2. They cost about the same.

  1. Equipment… The phones are bundled with charging blocks: 65 W and 66 W. The Nord 2 also has a USB-C cable and silicone case, which the Honor 50 lacks.

  2. Design… In terms of looks, the expert likes Honor better. In this respect, smartphones are almost identical, except for the curved display of the Honor 50. In addition, the latter device is slightly thinner and lighter than its competitor and looks more expensive in general.

  3. Fingerprint scanner… It works well in both cases, however on the Honor 50 you need to hold your finger down to unlock a little longer.

  4. Display… In terms of characteristics, they are the same, but the specialist liked the screen of the Honor 50 more. The minimum and maximum display brightness is also higher for Honor. At the same time, the flickering is much more noticeable on the Nord 2, in which the Honor 50 also beats OnePlus.

  5. Sound… Everything is pretty simple here: mono speakers (Honor 50) versus stereo (Nord 2). The latter definitely sounds better.

  6. Vibromotor… On this point, Nord2 is ahead of the competitor.

  7. Performance… The Honor 50 is powered by the Snapdragon 775G chip, while the OnePlus Nord 2 is powered by the Mediatek Dimensity 1200-AI. In the Antutu test, the number of points for smartphones is approximately the same, in the throttling test, the average result is also similar. But in the last benchmark, the maximum value is much higher for OnePlus.

Smartphones behave very well in games. Although I must say that OnePlus still has an advantage in this regard: for half an hour in Shadowgun Legends at ultra settings, it had no frame drops at all, the average performance remained at 60 fps. The Honor 50, on the other hand, had a noticeable drop in frame rate at times, that is, the FPS was not stable during the game.

From the point of view of the interface, everything works smoothly for both smartphones. True, as the specialist noted, their shells have not been updated for a long time.

  1. Autonomy… OnePlus wins in battery capacity: 4500 mAh vs 4300 mAh. They both work without recharging for about 7 hours. True, OnePlus runs a little faster when playing games: 18 percent after 30 minutes of Shadowgun Legends (Honor – 14 percent). Both devices also charge quickly, but OnePlus is still in the lead: it reaches 100 percent in 30 minutes (Honor charges 87 percent in the same time).

  1. Cameras… With good lighting from the main or wide-angle camera, the results are almost the same. Although, in this case, the colors are often more pleasing to the pictures from Honor. The front camera makes portraits better on OnePlus: in terms of colors. But with the main camera, pictures of people are better with Honor.

At night, OnePlus copes with the photo better than the competitor: both in general and specifically in detail. True, one cannot say that this difference is significant.

When shooting video in 4K 30 fps, both devices work well. At 4K 60fps, OnePlus has slightly better stabilization.

Generally speaking, the advantages of OnePlus are stereo sound, a good vibration motor, and performance. From a camera point of view, things are more complicated: the most noticeable differences between OnePlus and Honor are stabilization (in some cases) and the presence of a night mode. The Honor 50 offers a better display, a more stylish and expensive look, and an official warranty.

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